Landscaping Macedon Ranges

Imagine that you are driving to your home after a long day through a perfectly designed, smooth driveway. Or imagine that the area surrounding your home is full of lush green lawn that suits your home.

Well, your imagination can become reality through landscaping! SuperScapeS is one of the leading providers of landscaping, excavation, and construction. We are a seasoned team that has been landscaping Macedon Ranges and surrounding areas in Australia for many years.

SuperScapeS specializes in providing driveway and lawn services.

Captivating Driveways

How about laying captivating driveways with equally magnificent edges? Our expert team lays driveways that suit your needs and your home. We design driveways that complement the style of your home, whether it is urban or suburban, and give it an elegant appearance.

Our expertise is in laying driveways like:

  • Gravel driveways
  • Exposed aggregate driveways
  • Aggregate concrete driveways
  • Paving

Gravel driveways are better suited to rural areas, whereas concrete driveways complement suburban homes. Gravel driveways are the least expensive of all driveway types.

SuperScapeS can help you with the construction of durable and low-maintenance Macedon landscaping and the areas around it.

Edging aids in finishing the look of the driveway. Our team can create edges with contrasting colors, which will give a striking appearance to the whole driveway.

Lush Green Lawns

Lawns come in a wide range, each of which can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

  • Couch grass
  • Buffalo grass
  • Kikuyu grass
  • Tiftuf grass
  • Rhizomatous Tall Fescue or RTF

Our dedicated team can assist you in choosing the right lawn for landscape designs Macedon ranges and other areas around Macedon ranges. Couch grass is an all-time Aussie favourite that is also relatively affordable.

Couch grass is tolerant of high temperatures. Kikuyu grass, on the other hand, is more shade-tolerant than couch grass and is frost-resistant. Buffalo grass is also drought-resistant and can withstand salty conditions. Tiftuf grass can tolerate shade, whereas RTF grass is said to be cool climate grass that struggles in hot, dry summers.

SuperScapeS will help you in a way that you can utilize your space to the highest through a concept map designed by us. The procedure like preparing rich soil and then laying the turf will be handled by our expert team in such a way that will add value to your home and its surrounding.

You will no longer have to wonder how to maintain the lawn in the future because our team will also assist you with how to maintain the lawn in the future, and provide you with the necessary maintenance tools. So, consider taking service from SuperScapeS for all your landscaping needs.