Are you looking for a lush, weed-free, and manicured lawn that’s easy to care for?


No matter how you are envisioning your property to look and feel, SuperScapeS can make it happen!

Did you know that there are different breeds of lawns for different climates?

How do you choose the right one? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you keen to water your lawn regularly?
  • Do you want a low-maintenance solution that won’t spread across paths and into garden beds?
  • And most importantly of all – How much sun will your lawn get?

Couch Grass

Couch grass is an all-time Aussie favourite that’s budget friendly. It has a fine, narrow leaf so it’s soft to walk on, is self-repairing so even high traffic zones or kids and pets won’t permanently damage it, it withstands heat and drought conditions and has an attractive dark green colour.

However, it can tend to yellow in winter as it lies dormant. This yellowing will be short lived though, as soon as spring rolls around, the dark green colour of your lawn will come back.

Another advantage of couch grass is that it copes very well if mown down to a short length, meaning you can create that golf course look in your own front and backyard.

Kikuyu grass

If, however, your yard gets a little shade, Kikuyu could be a safer bet.

Kikuyu tolerates shade better than couch and is still very wear and tear resistant because of its deep roots. You often see it used to great effect on sporting ovals because it repairs so efficiently after being torn up during a footy or soccer game.

It is fast growing, self-repairing, frost resistant, and it has a vibrant bright green colour which stays greener than couch over winter. It does need mowing fairly often though, because it grows so quickly, and it prefers to be cut to a slightly longer length than couch grass.

Buffalo Grass

If your yard gets a fair bit of shade, buffalo grass might be the right choice for you.

It has a better shade tolerance than couch or kikuyu, while maintaining the deep bright green colour that we all love.

It is also drought resistant, low maintenance as it out competes potential weeds and it tolerates salty conditions, so perfect if you want to have grass around your salt-water pool.


TifTuf Grass

If your yard is mostly shaded, then TifTuf, or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, would be better options for you.

TifTuf has a fine, narrow leaf so it is soft to walk on, a dense growth habit so it looks lush and thick and out-competes weeds, is tough enough to cope with high traffic or kids and pets, is self-repairing and it tolerates shade all while maintaining a beautiful rich dark green colour for longer under drought conditions and throughout the dormant winter months.

Tiff-Tuff really is a fantastic, tough, beautiful looking all-rounder that is easy to care for.

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue or RTF Grass

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue or RTF is an attractive looking, dark green, soft leafed grass.

It tolerates shade very well and it is non-invasive, which means it grows straight up and doesn’t spread out, invading paving, driveways or garden beds, so it’s easy to maintain.

However, as it is a cool climate grass, it does need more water than couch, kikuyu, buffalo or TifTuf and it won’t cope as well during our hot, dry summers, unless you are prepared to water it deeply and regularly.

If this sounds like the grass for you, SuperScapeS also install automatic pop-up watering systems which take the work out of watering!

SuperScapeS can help you with every step of the way to transform your yard into your pride and joy.

From designing a concept map of your property so you can take advantage of the space you have and get the best use out of your block, to richly preparing the soil and laying the turf. And then finally giving you the tools and expert advice on how to maintain it, SuperScapeS will take care of everything – making sure you are 100% happy with your lawn and most of all making sure your lawn suits your home and your lifestyle.

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